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Friendly Circle cul de sac

It's been a really long time since I posted any lots, but I got a fun request from LeeLee to make a cul de sac.  It was a very enjoyable project, so I'm glad she asked me to build it.


And this is how Friendly Circle got its name. ;)  It isn't always friendly, but there is at least potential for your sims to make friends on this lot.  I had fun play-testing it.  The houses in the cul de sac are rental houses, or technically apartments.  It felt a little more like Sims 3 with the four playable families that could interact.


House A


Upstairs - 3 bedrooms, nursery, 2 full bathrooms


Downstairs - living room/study, great room, dining area, kitchen, powder room, garage

Outside - swing set, dog house, basketball hoop, lemonade stand, back deck


House B


3 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms, living room, dining area, kitchen, garage

Outside - back deck, slide, soccer net


House C


Upstairs - 3 bedrooms, nursery, 3 full bathrooms


Downstairs - study, dining room, great room, dining area, kitchen, powder room, garage

Outside - soccer net, dog house, patio


House D


Attic - teen bedroom, art studio, full bathroom, study/music room


Downstairs - 3 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms, living/dining/kitchen area, garage.

Outside - pool, basketball hoop, dog house

Important Information:

All 4 houses have fenced yards and a garage with a car.  The cars will teleport out to the main road instead of using the driveway. If you want to use different cars, make sure you go into the lot and make changes before moving in any sims.  Otherwise, I think your car may drive away on its own and not come back. ;)

Except for House C, the houses are built on foundations.  There can only be one (special apartment) door in apartments for the game to recognize them as apartments.  I got around that rule by using invisible fences on the houses that have foundations.  To save a lot of explanation, this thread on MTS2 has some pictures of what I'm talking about.  My point in bringing it up at all is to mention that all exits from the foundation (besides the front with the special apartment door) have an invisible fence around them.  You won't see them and your sims will walk right through them.  I'm just letting you know that if you modify the stairs or foundation in build mode, you could cause the apartments to stop working correctly.

House C is built on the ground and doesn't need any invisible fences, but can only have one door (except to the fenced-in area).  That is why the garage doesn't have a door that goes directly into the house.

The one trash can for the entire lot has been deleted, and in the back yards there are modern trash cans - one for each house so that they don't all have to walk across the entire cul de sac to take out the trash.

Cool Things:

The lemonade stand should be available to whatever family you're currently playing.  Also, if you have a vegetable garden, I think the landlord will tend it for you.  He will probably walk through your house uninvited, though. ;)

Not So Cool Things:

Sims in House B and House C have a long walk to the school bus and to their carpool.  My sims made it on time, but they need to start walking when the bus or carpool arrives.

Building is my thing, but decorating - not so much.  You might notice that my decorating talent, abilities, focus and logic are a bit lacking.  I am not consistent, and when I get bored enough I just quit.and leave the rest to you. ;)


Also, rent is pretty high, so your sims might have to work hard and not be slackers to keep the repo man away.

Renting Furnished:

To rent the apartments furnished, type boolprop testingcheatsenabled true into the cheat box, then SHIFT - click on the apartment door and you can rent the apartment furnished.  If that feels too cheaty, or you don't want to download the fully-furnished with tons of CC version, I also created a "fixtures only" version.  You would still need to rent it furnished, but you would just have light fixtures, bathroom fixtures, and kitchen cabinets, etc. - kind of like when you buy or rent a real house.  The "fixtures only" version still includes the cars and the stuff that is outside.


There is a whole bunch of it unless you download the "fixtures only" version.  I would like to tell you every detail, but life is short. ;)  I did go through it with Clean Installer and remove hacks and some the the more pointless recolors, and as far as I know there are no pay items included.


All the EPs and Mansion & Garden.  Stuff packs may be optional.  I have Family Fun, Celebration, Kitchen & Bath, and IKEA.


Friendly Circle cul de sac - full version (30.9 MB)
Friendly Circle cul de sac - fixtures only version (9.4 MB)

If you want it, the grey roof tile with white trim can be downloaded here.

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I thought these houses looked great already from the pics you sent to me, but with floorplans included they are even better! :) They are really beautiful, spacious and seem to be very playable as well - except from "the long walk to the carpool", but that can't be helped with these kinds of lots. Great work!

Awww, thank you so much Nonikk! :D It's good to "see" you. I've missed talking with you, which has totally been my fault. I just need to play more sims, right? ;) Actually, I probably do, as it cheers me up quite a bit.

Great work twoflowery!! The houses look amazing :)

Thank you so much, galialady! :D

These houses look awesome. I really like them, and might have to come back and download them when I'm not at work. :)

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