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Apple Grove - Round 7 - Webb 2

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Washington Webb recently graduated from Applebama University, and now has his own place.  He should feel quite happy right now, but the fact is that all of his family are angry at him, and the rest of the people in town are gossiping about him.  So Christmas is pretty much over for him at this point - no sense in decorating. ;)

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He really messed up at the family Christmas party by having woohoo with Coupon Fancey (his step niece) in the hot tub.  o_O

It was the stupidest decision ever, but he isn't taking personal responsibility.  It was just unlucky that the darn ACR made him do it.

 photo 9875-2_zps2245dcbc.jpg

He also really hated that he had needed to take a loan to buy his tiny little house, but it was the only way he could afford a place of his own.  It's not like any of his family were going to welcome him home now.

 photo 9876-2_zpsfff4269b.jpg

He had very little room for a garden, but decided to plant a few tomatoes.  It might help a little with the grocery bills.

 photo 9883-2_zps5a030d46.jpg

Washington's house is at 240 Turnover Terrace on the corner of Turnover Terrace and Strudel Street - right across the street from the Bauer house.  The Foreman family used to live there when they first got married.  Actually, before that Daniel Brown and his baby sister Devan started out there at the beginning of Apple Grove.

 photo 9888-2_zps8f29718c.jpg

His brother-in-law Komei Pederson came by and visited him. I guess this is one family member that is still speaking to him. They sang a sea chantey together, but it didn't really cheer him up.

 photo 9879-2_zpse75cc31c.jpg

Zoe Fletcher was another one of the people who came to welcome him to his new home. Even though they were just acquaintances, she listened patiently to his tales of woe.

 photo 9890-2_zps6649392d.jpg

With some encouraging words from Zoe he got up the nerve to call his fiancee from college. He was happy to discover that Vyn had not yet found out about his "swim in the hot tub".

 photo 9891-1_zpsac40ecb5.jpg

She even asked to meet him downtown.

 photo 9892-2_zpsd82f013f.jpg

It was immediately clear that Vyn wanted to take engagement pictures with Washington.

 photo 9893-2_zps4beea1a1.jpg

Yep, I'm 99% sure.

 photo 9896-2_zps66f8bf40.jpg

Yeah, uh, it didn't give them their pictures. I guess the photo booth is out of order... But, they don't seem upset.

 photo 9897-2_zps6527c4d8.jpg

So, after that, they were pretty hungry. These two seem to have an exaggerated concept of "full service restaurant."

 photo 9897-3_zps41358543.jpg

I love the look on the waiter's face - definitely an "I know what you did there."

 photo 9900-2_zps053ec552.jpg

"To photobooths!" Uh, great toast.

 photo 9906-2_zps42b92f55.jpg

Vyn finally seemed to realize that Washington is part alien, and that it's not just the green lighting. I'm not really sure how she didn't notice sooner, but then she does seem generally distracted - never remembering to take off the gardening gloves, hat and toolbelt.

 photo 9908-2_zps2a3e3464.jpg

They discussed the possibility that his family came from Saturn.

 photo 9902-2_zps97db43e1.jpg

Washington tries his best to be romantic by blowing Vyn a kiss. He's a bit awkward. I really don't know what girls see in him.

 photo 9910-2_zpse415b93e.jpg

Vyn swoons, but not for her fiance. Brian Tucker the Rock God has entered the building. Little does Washington know, but he's engaged himself to a romance sim. I think it serves him right. Vyn would like to have 20 simultaneous lovers, and I pretty sure she'd like Brian Tucker to be one of them. It should be interesting to see how this all plays out. Heh heh...

 photo 9922-2_zps5998d8c0.jpg

Washington decided to write a restaurant guide, to include Bernard's Botanical Dining.

 photo 9930-2_zps5f41e18f.jpg

Unfortunately, most people were more interested in learning about the dining experience rather than a list of which restaurants had photo booths.

 photo 9928-2_zps42fe9a07.jpg

Vyn must have really enjoyed their date, because she dropped off a huge gift - a dance sphere.

 photo 9931-2_zps605071c2.jpg

Since his restaurant guide wasn't that successful, Washington decided to try something else to earn some extra money. Since he had worked as an artist for awhile, he decided to pull out his camera.

 photo 9934-2_zps5e9acc6d.jpg

He was going to try selling his photos. He marked this one at $199. It wasn't a lot of money, but it took so much less of his time than painting.

 photo 9935-2_zps621a28d2.jpg

Here he is trying to sell a boring photo of his crappy chair to this guy. Art is very subjective, I guess.

 photo 9936-2_zps5b6bdd1e.jpg

And he was actually successful! I will be curious to see how his home business does in the future. I had a fun idea of what he could do next with this venture, and of course I had to try it out and play a little into Round 8. ;)

 photo 9884-1_zps30d66aaa.jpg

Washington has earned all of his lifetime aspiration benefits. His LTW is to become a Prestidigitator, which he is well on his way to achieving. It's a good thing his heart isn't set on celebrating his golden anniversary, because I'm betting that if he marries Vyn, their relationship may have problems.

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As we leave, I'll show you a picture of Washington's tiny house. It was not originally my design, but I really liked it and have also built a mirrored version for Apple Grove. It's called Miniature Townhouse by psychosimmer86 on MTS.
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