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Full House Style Rowhouses - 2 versions

 photo 2013-12-02_2036-1_zps157eb23f.jpg

It takes me forever to build things sometimes.  Sadly, I'm not the most reliable person at fulfilling requests.  Last year I was asked to try to build the rowhouses from the show Full House, and I just kept putting it off/forgetting.  Luckily (haha), I got the flu last week, and could do nothing else but sit around and cough for several days and got in the mood to build, so I was able to get a pretty good start on this project.  Most of my building projects get about 95% done when I lose interest.  The key for me is to work on it until I just start to get bored, and hopefully choose that time to wrap up the project before I abandon it.  This time I was able to finish before I gave up.  :)

I still have never really watched Full House, and it's just not a show that ever interested me.  So, these are a simplified version in the style of these houses based on my very limited knowledge and just a little on some of the online pictures I was able to view, and of what I was able to see of the outside front and aerial of the real houses on Google Maps.  I gave up on getting too detailed, as I doubt the set is the same size or configuration as the outside view of the real house.  It just doesn't add up.  But as I said earlier, I have to know when to quit, or else I never finish anything.

In the first "fuller" version I made the houses are 2 squares wider.  This makes them better for playing and allows for real garage doors, but they lack that tall, narrow look.  The "full" version looks a little more accurate in proportion, but I think the houses still look a little shorter than they should.  I could have added an attic, but then I think they would have looked too tall.  Oh, in the "full"version, if you place a car in the garage, it should teleport to the road because there is no garage door.  The garage door is too wide to fit on that version.

These are mostly unfurnished, but have bathroom fixtures, kitchen cabinets, etc.  I would still recommend renting the apartments furnished to get bathroom mirrors, upper kitchen cabinets, etc.  To rent the apartments furnished, type boolprop testingcheatsenabled true into the cheat box, then SHIFT - click on the apartment door and you can rent the apartment furnished.

Anyway, here's some picture spam of both versions:

"Full" House Version:

 photo 2013-12-02_1928_001-1_zps76f18ded.jpg
See that little piece of wall at the very right of the lot by the stairs? Those are on both ends of the lot and will allow you to add another copy of the lot right next to this one, and they will look connected. Otherwise, just delete that little piece of wall if you want to. This applies to both versions, BTW.
 photo 2013-12-02_2036-1_zps157eb23f.jpg
 photo 2013-12-02_1929-1_zpsc79eb8a1.jpg
 photo 2013-12-02_1930-1_zps3c1ce41c.jpg
Top Floor (5 bedrooms - 1 bath)
 photo 2013-12-02_1931-1_zpsf4d23e05.jpg
Main Floor (living room, kitchen/dining, half bath)
 photo 2013-12-02_1931_001-1_zps8ec8d5a7.jpg
"Basement" (garage, bathroom, etc.)
 photo 2013-12-02_1953-1_zps1eb69fb6.jpg
 photo 2013-12-03_1358_zpse1161da1.jpg

"Fuller" House Version:

 photo 2013-11-28_1520-1_zpsdb7d7f84.jpg
 photo 2013-11-29_1926-1_zps950958b9.jpg
 photo 2013-11-29_1922-1_zps1b9a19cf.jpg
 photo 2013-11-29_1924-1_zpsd4c05552.jpg
Top Floor (4 bedrooms - 1 bath)
 photo 2013-11-29_1925-1_zps8aa4e7a6.jpg
Main Floor (living room, kitchen/dining, bathroom)
 photo 2013-11-29_1925_001-1_zpsa0d413a9.jpg
"Basement" (garage, bathroom, etc.)
 photo 2013-11-28_1610-1_zpsa1edcb1e.jpg
 photo 2013-12-02_2000_zpse9a9929a.jpg


All the EPs and Mansion & Garden.  Stuff packs may be optional.  I have all the Stuff packs except H&M and Glamour Life


There is not a ton of it this time since these are only partially furnished.  I would like to tell you every detail, but life is short. ;)  I did go through it with Clean Installer and as far as I know there are no pay items included.

Not Included:

Invisible driveway recolor and white roof trim default replacements do not package with the lot.  If you need links to some, let me know and will add them.  Otherwise, I will just assume you already have those or know how to get them.


Full House - apartments (3.8 MB)

Fuller House - apartments (3.9 MB)

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