twoflowery (twoflowery) wrote,

55 Woodland Drive Makeover

After moving in her fiance Drake, Brandi was able to remodel her house with his money. The furnishings are still cheap, but the place is now bigger and more comfortable. And, if they can ever afford a car, there's now a place to park it.

 photo 2013-11-14_0452-1_zps33b5a103.jpg

 photo 2013-11-14_0453-1_zps814d4c89.jpg
 photo 2014-07-28_0727-1_zps0753884f.jpg
 photo 2014-07-28_0733-1_zps596899b5.jpg
 photo 2014-07-28_0733_001-1_zps7dcb1ed0.jpg
 photo 2014-07-28_0734-1_zps022fb250.jpg

 photo 2014-07-28_1003_zpsdf7aca21.png
 photo 2014-07-28_1004_zps148bca44.png
 photo 2014-07-28_1004_001_zps61144510.png
 photo 2014-07-28_1004_002_zpsd9dcaced.png

3 bedrooms
2 baths

Download (2.1 MB)
Tags: broke, downloads, lots, maxis makeover, pleasantview

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