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DIY Tacky Strip Mall - Mix and Match Sections
 photo 2015-02-03_0701_zpshnfkrxxn.png

Sitting and waiting for my son outside a strip mall recently, my phone was dead and I had nothing to read, so I had nothing to do but observe the building in front of me.  This gave me an idea of making a strip mall for my game.  I decided to make different sections that could be put together - separate buildings that look like one long building (using Mootilda's LotAdjuster).  The building sections can be mixed up to create many different-looking strip malls.  This one is a combination of 2 large and 3 small buildings with two different roof styles.

 photo 2015-02-03_0706_zpsasnxd6jr.png

These are one set of the small strip mall sections with flat roof facades.  There is a left section, right section, and 2 center sections.

 photo 2015-02-03_0713_zpsjqonchvf.png

This is the second set of small strip mall sections with the gabled roof facades.  These also consist of a left, right, and two center sections.

 photo 2015-02-01_0822-1_zpsfkkrh2q0.jpg

This is the floor plan for the small mall sections. The bathroom and the break area behind the register counter are furnished. It's up to you to add the goods or services for your businesses.

 photo 2015-02-03_0716_zpsfvtbncxj.png

These are one set of the large strip mall sections with flat roof facades.  There is a left section, right section, and 2 center sections.

 photo 2015-02-03_0719_zpsbsxs5zac.png

The last set are the large gabled facade sections.  They also have left, right and 2 center sections.

 photo 2015-02-01_0758-1_zpsgh2yz67e.jpg

The floor plan for the large mall sections are different than the small sections.  There are two register counters in the front, and two furnished restrooms and a furnished break room in the back.

 photo 2015-02-03_0723_zpscpwhw0wx.png

This is a mix of the 2 different types of small strip mall sections.

Included Custom Content:

There is very little custom content - just a few wallpapers, the handicapped floor tile for the parking lot, and the concrete parking block.

Recommended Custom Content:

Most people prefer less custom content, but these are some things that I can recommend downloading to use for these lots.

Atavera's Neon Alphabet and Neon Shop Signs - You can see the Neon Alphabet letters on one of the large gabled sections that says "FOOD MARKET".

Michelle's Simgreek Letter Signs Recolored - for those who prefer to use Simlish, there are many different colors for the Simgreek letters that came with the University EP.

joinmobile's Sims 3 Dumpster For Sims 2 - these will fit in the back of the buildings to add a little more realism.

MogHughson's Decorative Parking Spaces - I designed the parking spaces to use these. This is one of my favorite things ever to use to add realism to community lots.

Phaenoh's White Roof Trim Defaults

Requirements: I have all the EP's and all the SP's except Glamour Life.  If you use Clean Installer to install these, you may get away with not having all the Stuff Packs, but you must have Mansion and Garden.


Strip Mall Small Sections (flat facade) 1.7 MB
Strip Mall Small Sections 2 (gabled facade) 2.1 MB

Strip Mall Large Sections (flat facade) 1.8 MB
Strip Mall Large Sections 2 (gabled facade) 2.1 MB

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Oh, you've been building again. Good idea to make smaller lots that create the illusion of a mall.

Thank you! :) I was thinking it might be a fun way to add more businesses to my neighborhoods. I often hate to bother with making new businesses, but this seemed like a flexible plan, and most of the work would be done. They are kind of tacky, though. ;)

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