Apple Grove - Round 7 - Pederson / Porter

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It's been almost a year since I last worked on Apple Grove.  I feel bad I've neglected my sims so long. I'm just going to blame Seasonal Affective Disorder, LOL.  The winter in Apple Grove is just too long, and it's still only December there. ;)  Even so, the Pedersons and Porters didn't have much of a Christmas.  With 3 toddlers there was very little time and no room for decorations - especially the traditional flaming Christmas tree.  They already celebrated at their parents' (Webb) house anyway, but that turned out to be a rather upsetting situation.

I actually played this family back in August of last year, but never got around to blogging.  Hopefully, I will be able to remember or at least bluff my way through this update.

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Friendly Circle cul de sac


It's been a really long time since I posted any lots, but I got a fun request from LeeLee to make a cul de sac.  It was a very enjoyable project, so I'm glad she asked me to build it.


And this is how Friendly Circle got its name. ;)  It isn't always friendly, but there is at least potential for your sims to make friends on this lot.  I had fun play-testing it.  The houses in the cul de sac are rental houses, or technically apartments.  It felt a little more like Sims 3 with the four playable families that could interact.

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Going to Play Sims All Week! HAHA

Yep, it's crazy time.  I've officially decided to plan to be irresponsible and have a fun week.  I just need an overdose of fun.  I usually make myself blog before allowing myself to play more sims.  This week I will try to take lots of pictures and possibly even notes, but I'm going to play my heart out.  I'm just having a hard time in real life - nothing big, just lots of little annoyances beyond my control have added up.  Instead of having a bad week, I'm going to play my way through and focus on my poor sims' problems.  I may have to torture a few of them a little extra hard, or go crazy and start a whole new project. ;)

Apple Grove - Round 7 - Miguel

This is my first time doing an actual Apple Grove post here.  Previous Apple Grove posts have just been linked to Blogger.  To see more posts on Blogger, here's the Table of Contents for Apple Grove.

Anyway, I'm finally back to Apple Grove.  Even though I played the Miguel family back in March, I'm just now getting around to blogging about it.  Maybe I'm tired of Christmas? :P  Anyway, I decided to go ahead and write it, whether or not it's a very interesting story.  And, it just isn't, trust me.  But what can I do?  The Miguels are flat broke.  They can't even afford a Christmas tree.
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Achieving balance?

Well, it's something I'm trying to do.  Real life has been a little tough lately - very stressful with some family stuff, so I just haven't been in the mood to do any sim blogging.  Now I'm more in the mood, but I just don't have the time at the moment.  Very soon - like this week, I hope to have achieved some sort of balance between work and play so that I can write again.  Don Lothario's story is virtually finished - it has been for a couple of weeks.  I just have some finishing touches to add, but just haven't had the brains to do it. 

Overall, I'm feeling so much more positive.  I have a real determination to improve my physical health that I've never had before.  That's really what has been taking up the majority of my time and thought the last couple of weeks.  I feel very much like a different person - at least on the inside.  I've been exercising my butt off - literally.  On the outside, I'm sure I look exactly the same.  But I know that I lost 3 pounds from my first week's efforts, and expect to have lost more when I weigh myself again on Wednesday.  As much as I love simming, it isn't exactly slimming, LOL.  I have to find a way to do it incrementally, and not sitting for a long period of time.  But, I think it's quite possible to discipline myself better so that I can still have fun.  I hope to be back to writing, playing, and reading blogs again sometime this next week.